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Local community TV: our response to a lockdown

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

As we went into Lockdown we setup a local interactive TV station and trained people to self produce their own shows.

I was interviewed by Rob Watson of Decentered Media for a podcast on the role of film making during lockdown.

Listen here or subscribe to the excellent Decentered Podcast below...

We discussed the tools of democratised film making in enabling people to connect with others but also with themselves - lockdown as a tool of self discovery.

A community TV station on FaceBook Live

BBC news coverage of Isolation Station Hastings.

How we did it

Hastings has a thriving independent bar and cafe culture, regular live music and a festival almost every weekend from May to October.

The world became hyper-local when lockdown began. Familiar signs of life disappeared from communities and cities and roads and public spaces were rendered as ghost towns.

We wanted to move the culture of Hastings online during lockdown

We were part of a small team of producers and executive producers who came together to map out an 8 hour a day live programme that would bring the culture of Hastings online through FaceBook live.


We secured funding from groups including Hastings Voluntary Action, the Common Treasury and Leisure and Learning so we were able to commission and train people to produce music, local news, online classes and general entertainment shows through FaceBook live.

The BBC news report above does a great job of what Isolation Station Hastings is.


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