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Illusions by Faultress - Behind the Scenes

Updated: Feb 16


Directed by Andrew Davies

//Illusions (Dir. Andrew Davies 2021)

We wrapped on my latest music video for Faultress back in February when it was freezing cold in a cavernous old building in Hastings, South East England.

Faultress' latest release - 'Illusions' - is a downbeat self examination of what is real, what is experienced in a relationship with another or simply with oneself.

I hear internal voices coming through in the lyrics that feel like a conversation or an argument with the self. Rosi (AKA Faultress) and I talked about our love of the Babadook (2014 Dir. Kent) and the depiction of childhood nightmares which became an influence on the set design - a room that responds to our moods and psychodrama.

I was inspired by Kirusowa's use of weather as character (or pathetic fallacy) so mountains and waves sit just outside the window, and rain finds its way into the room and emotional plane that our character inhabits.

//VFX Breakdown of Illusions (c)Campaign Film LTD

4 key shots from CampaignFilm

  1. Window & rain - created entirely in After Effects using caustics and particle simulations

  2. Multiple Rosi - 5 shot composite using motion control via Edelkrone's slider and head and post produced in After Effects.

  3. Practical rain - via a DIY suspended rainmaker and backlit using Aladdin lights from a gantry.

  4. Digital clouds - created in After Effects


  • Directed by Andrew Davies CampaignFilm

  • Creative, Camera, editing and VFX courtesy of CampaignFilm LTD

  • Set raw material was provided by White Rock Neighbourhood Ventures.

  • The build and crew came from CampaignFilm with assistance from and from Victoria Ford.

  • Lighting hire from MelodyVR

Behind the Scenes stills

//Images from left to right (c) CampaignFilm LTD

  1. The empty studio space in the Observer Building in Hastings

  2. Andrew Davies (Director) building the set

  3. Set taking shape

  4. Vicky working on a coiled hose-pipe suspended rainmaker

  5. Set lit and getting a final sweep

  6. Rosi Croom AKA Faultress in position before a take. Cam is an FS7 on an Edelkrone slider.

  7. Final lit set

  8. Rosi during a take

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