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Our work with David Attenborough

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

We partnered with the Wildlife Trusts to produce a call to arms asking for political engagement to re-network nature across the UK.

David Attenborough gave his support to the campaign to reconnect the UK's wild places.

We used CG artists to create an 'energy butterfly' that represents a force of nature that can connect wild places together across the UK.

The Wildlife Trust published this statement following the release of the film.

“We’re delighted to see our vision for a Wilder Future come to life on screen and love how our creative partner, Campaign Film, has captured Sir David Attenborough’s sense of hope in nature’s story. Last week, the State of Nature report showed the harsh reality facing our natural world, but we know it’s not too late if we act now for nature’s recovery. We’re writing the next chapter for wildlife with our supporters, who are joining in the call for a Nature Recovery Network, alongside Sir David, believing as he does that “nature can recover – given the chance”

This is the team that worked on it...

Director // Andrew Davies

Writer // Alice Trueman DOP // Lewis Davies Animation // Emily Clarkson 3D animation // Ethan Shilling Make up // Rachel Mcdonald Client // Wildlife Trusts


UK 07835 51 62 94

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